Importance of Recruitment Firm

The Paradigm Shift in Recruitment Techniques, its advantages and efficiency.

As the changing patterns of Recruitment in Companies are concerned, it has been noticed that the Employers are relying much more on dedicated Employee Recruitment Services provided by Placement Consultancy Services rather than opting for an in-house Recruitment Process. The rise of vacancy level on Monthly Basis and the spectrum to be covered in Employing suitable candidates is a long drawn process and thus Companies are shifting this particular work structure to a well constituted Employee Recruitment Service to make their work less exhausting. This could be largely accounted as a result of growing needs of the Employer, suitable selection patterns and the right choice for a Candidate. The validation of Candidature of an employee becomes a clumsy process often due to the stiffness in the Selection module, the absence in diversity in questions prepared by in-house recruiters and a loss of time as well. Newer sourcing or attraction models may seem to preclude the third party recruiter, whilst client and candidate expectations change and evolve in line with technology, but there remains a core need for recruiting specialists to find talent for companies, and to help that talent become hireable.

As a professional Recruiter it has become very important to be aware of the Changing patterns of the Market, shifting trends and pay-scales, and competitor activity. Most firms see agencies as advisers, their eyes and ears being embedded in the market place, and as organization which is focused in carrying out efforts on attracting great candidates.

Here are some advantages why Recruitment Process through an Employee Recruitment Service is beneficial and effective in the long run:

1. Knowledge of Market: They have the perfect blend of knowledge regarding who to recruit and how to recruit. A company, be it an MNC or a small one always searches for Skill-set in Employees as required to leverage growth of company. A Recruitment Agency has it eyes and ears on the shifting market patterns and knows what a Candidate wants from the company he is seeking to join. They have immense knowledge in concerns regarding available talent, where they are and how to reach out to them, salary rates, career expectations, available skill-sets and current hiring complexities. If there are other businesses who are searching for relevant talents as your company and finding it a hectic search process, the Agencies will be providing you advise on alternative solutions. They can also act as collaborators and partners while their eyes and ears still rest in channeling good candidates from the Market.

2. Extended Reach of Agencies: Finding a best fit from a pool of talent is tedious work and what is more tiring is to find a skillful individual who is hideous and is not ready to put his profile in Job-seeking portals. If they are not responding to your job based Advertisements or are not seeking for a position in your Talent Pool, then one obvious reason could be his strong Communication with a trusted Recruitment Specialist where the Candidate is regularly looking up to a Full-time job with good emoluments. Even if they are not available right now, a good Recruitment Service will surely know how to reach them and as a client or a collaborator, they would have the potential to leverage their networks to help connect with people with range of skills and experiences. Many of such experienced individuals are mainly In-House Recruiters or a Hiring Manager who is off the radar.

3. Access to Key Strategic Skills: The number one reason that companies gave for using a recruitment agency was to gain short term access to key strategic skills, a reason that been growing in importance over the last 3 years, now overtaking covering leave and peaks in demand. In today's world where finding a best fit is a tiring issue, talent shortage and hindered potentials are a common cause to bring down the index of a Company. With people retiring in a mass scale, infusion of skilled talent is important to keep the Company Growth above par. While many of these might resemble a timely affair of recognizing a Candidate and then shortlisting him, good collaborators are able to provide talented Individuals even in a short term notice. This the flexibility in Recruitment provided by the Employee Recruitment Services are adding to the constant growth index even in shifting patterns of work.

4. While recent reports have shown a decreased association of Companies with Recruitment Firms, it has also laid stress on the tightening of budget and resources. Many In-House Hiring units have confirmed the Monetary issue is another big factor behind Engaging a Firm into Recruitment works. The Agencies are paid for the suitable scanning they perform over a wide range of area and that too in a limited amount of time. This is turn helps the Hiring Managers to get a shortlisted list of Names and interviewing them. There is little doubt that a hard pressed HR or in-house team can benefit from the reach and networks of a trusted agency partner.

For different Companies there are definite reasons for relying on a Employee Recruitment Service. While for some it is in-time shortlisting of Candidates from a diverse pool of Applicants; for others it can range for a cost-effective tool (MNCs).
To wrap up, these Firms are support systems for Talent Acquisition in Companies and helps in landing the Best-fit just on time that they would otherwise miss out on.